'Pokemon Go' Players take to Waco streets

Large groups of people could be spotted around Waco walking while staring at their phones Saturday afternoon.

Twenty-seven hundred residents and retailers experienced a power outage in the Woodway area Saturday morning.

Dr. Jon Daniell is among a group of physicians who are helping to fight opioid abuse nationwide with prescription writing

They're usually not allowed in class because they're so distracting, but one teacher believes, if you can't beat them, join them.

Basic economy tickets could cost fliers more, new report warns

Waco: Local YMCA damaged by car

Demonstrating the difference between Kevlar and rifle-rated ballistic vests

Doctors fight against the opioid crisis

UPDATE: GOP House chairman criticizes Democratic memo

Shooting at Killeen motel sends one to the hospital

Are all processed foods bad?

Shooting leaves Central Texas woman dead

Paralympians teach college students wheelchair basketball

Former Plano baseball star sentenced for child sex assault

Germs are everywhere, especially your workplace

Scam Alert: Amazon Customer Service scam that targets your financial data

Teens raise awareness of dating violence

Farm helps mothers in drug addiction recovery

Shooting in Killeen sends one to local hospital

Father's Facebook Live video exposes school security flaw

Local pediatrician talks effectiveness of nasal spray flu vaccine for kids

Southbound I-35 reopened after hours of repairs

Teenager shot, killed during attempted burglary in local neighborhood

Missing woman found dead in car in ditch along busy local highway

Two Central Texas women snared in ongoing meth sting

Woman swerves to miss dog, SUV careens into Waco home

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