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Good morning, it’s Sunday May 27, it’s going to be hot and sunny, and it’s the anniversary of a deadly and powerful Central Texas tornado

Five years after the West fertilizer plant explosion, a car show is helping to strengthen the city’s emergency response team.

KWTX's own Julie Hays was honored at a banquet Saturday evening for her work in helping a local hero.

More than 1.3 million Americans have given their lives while serving in uniform and some are determined to ensure that the fallen don’t become the forgotten as fewer and fewer understand that before the sales and celebrations, Memorial Day was first a day of remembrance.

Waco firefighters battle blaze at residence

Texas officer charged in murder of brother

Off-duty Central Texas officer dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound

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Expert advice on treating insect stings

High school students skip field trip, share random acts of kindness instead

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Girl Scout sells thousands of cookies

Police and experts warn against keeping exotic illegal animals

Teachers keep cursive writing style alive

Man creates a dock device that detects electricity in the water

Recycling truck driver says he caught thief in the act

Gun shop sells bullet-shielding backpacks

Woman makes, donates nearly 150 hats to cancer center

Seeing double: Nine sets of twins to graduate from same high school

Increase in 'digital disabilities'

Dead, alive, and dead again: How a Corbin hospital handled patient's final hours

Replicas of Christopher Columbus' ships sail to Panama City

Investigators say parents raised baby and children in 'horrendous' conditions

Resort lets visitors experience the Wild West and stay in a covered wagon

WWII veteran receives long overdue honor

What to do when you see animals cross the interstate

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