Golfer Passes Through Central Texas on Cross Country Journey

WALNUT SPRINGS (June 25, 2013) -- For the past two months, this has been Luke Bielawski's day job.

Eight hours a day, the 24-year-old law student from Indianapolis drives through ditches and over desolate roads.

"You can't drive across the country anymore and see it like this."

When he does see a car, he either says hi or tries not to get hit.

But most of the time, he's more worried about hitting them.

Bielawski is golfing across back roads and open fields to raise money to help at-risk youth in his community go to college.

And he's doing it by playing the longest hole in the country.
Stretching from tee to shining tee.

Bielawski is miles from the nearest country club. He started on a beach in California. Recently, he was in Walnut Springs, north of Waco. He won't even see a golf course until he reaches his final destination at the Atlantic Ocean in August.

"I set my estimate, par at 48,000 strokes," he said.

And like any honest golfer, he counts every stroke. No matter where it lies, or how many times he loses a ball.

"We brought 3,600 and I think we've lost about 2,700," he said.

But for every ball he loses, he seems to*gain more new fans.

"If people didn't do that, it'd be really hard. We're fortunate enough to meet amazing people," Bielawski said. "Thank you guys for stopping. It was great to meet you guys."

Bielawski guesses it will take 24 thousand strokes and a couple thousand more golf balls before he reaches the east coast.

Doesn't look like he'll be quitting *this day job anytime soon.

"I'm in heaven."

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