Baylor vs Kansas State: Kyle Boyd, a true veteran on the team

Five years ago, number 33, Kyle Boyd, had it made. A senior at Mesquite Horn High school, Kyle was one of the top linebacker recruits in the country. He even signed a scholarship to play football at Baylor. For a high school kid he really was living the dream, until he threw it all away and just walked away from football.

"I was an 18-year-old kid and I had my mind set," Boyd said. Kyle backed out of his scholarship at Baylor to join the Marines. "Honestly, it was just a calling to me. I felt in my heart it was right that I needed to serve and I wanted to serve in any way I could," he said.

His family, friends and high school coach tried convincing him not to give up on his dream. His high school coach told him "You can't do this in reverse order. You can go to Baylor and play football and then go to the military, but you can't go to the military and then play football,".

Against all advice, Kyle forged ahead. He served five years and a handful of deployments before finishing his commitment earlier this year. But that deal he skipped out on at Baylor was still fresh in his mind. "I knew that I wanted to go back and hit people but I don't know if my body would've let me go back and hit people," he said.

Kyle sent emails to a bunch of college football coaches, asking if he could play for their team, and one actually said yes. "He said your scholarship's not there, but we'd love to have you as a walk-on," he said. Five years after walking away from Baylor, Kyle is now a 23-year-old freshman for the Bears, and the most honest-to-goodness veteran on the team.

Kyle admits postponing his dream of playing college football cost him a scholarship, playing time and any future in football,and that doesn't bother him one bit. "I've experienced a lot and I wouldn't trade any of those experiences or friendships. To be able to mature and grow in that way, I wouldn't change a thing honestly." he says, "With a comeback like this, why would you want to?".