Romney Berates Obama For Berating Republicans

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney Friday berated the president for berating Republicans.

Mitt Romney (Campaign photo)

BOSTON (March 1, 2013)--In his first public comments since his Election Day defeat, former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney Friday criticized President Barack Obama for "berating Republicans" instead of leading.

Romney told Fox News that Washington's latest budget battle wasn't "a success" for the president.

Mr. Obama rallied against a series of deep federal spending cuts but couldn't convince Congress to adopt an alternative.

The cuts begin to take effect later Friday.

In the interview scheduled to air Friday evening, Romney said Mr. Obama has been "berating Republicans and blaming and pointing."

The former Massachusetts governor called on the president to instead, quote, "lead the nation and to bring Republicans and Democrats together."

Romney said it's a job only Mr. Obama can do.

Romney has been living in seclusion in California since November.

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