Romney Rides Wave Of Successful Debate Performance

DENVER (October 4, 2012)--Spirits were high Thursday in Mitt Romney's campaign in the aftermath of Wednesday night's debate.

As Romney's plane took off from Denver for Virginia Thursday, there were claps and whistles from Romney aides as the pilot announced that the control tower had commended Romney's performance when the plane was cleared for takeoff.

President Barack Obama was accusing Romney of being dishonest about his policies on the debate stage, but a Romney spokesman says the Republican demonstrated in the debate why he should be president.

Spokesman Ryan Williams says on the day after the debate, Obama is offering what he calls "more false attacks."

Before leaving Denver, Romney told a conservative gathering this morning that Americans saw 'two very different visions for the country" in the debate.

He says Mr. Obama offered what Romney calls "trickle-down government," instead of "prosperity that comes through freedom."

In the next few weeks, Romney is expected to give a number of policy speeches filling in the details, as he responds to criticism that he hasn't clearly outlined his plans.

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