American Airlines Pilots Blast Texas Attorney General

Union pilots at American Airlines are blasting Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for his opposition to the airline’s proposed merger.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (File)

DALLAS (August 19, 2013)--Union pilots at Fort Worth-based American Airlines say the opposition of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to the airline’s proposed merger with US Airways doesn't make sense.

The Allied Pilots Association said in an advertisement in Monday's Dallas Morning News that American is "a powerful economic engine" in Texas that needs the merger to compete with bigger United and Delta.

The union asks Attorney General Greg Abbott in an open letter, "Are you opposed to having a leading global carrier in Fort Worth? Considering everything at stake - including the large number of jobs and the tax revenues they generate - that doesn't make any sense."

Abbott's office didn’t immediately respond.

In a column last week in the same newspaper Abbott, who’s running for governor, argued that the merger was designed to eliminate competition and raise prices.

he U.S. Justice Department and a number of U.S. state attorneys general including Abbott are challenging the proposed $11 billion merger between US Airways Group Inc. and Fort Worth-based American Airlines' parent company, AMR Corp.

The Justice Department argues that the merger would result in the creation of the world's largest airline and says a combination of the two companies would reduce competition for commercial air travel in local markets, forcing passengers to pay higher fares and receive less service.

A lawsuit filed last week in federal court in Washington, D.C., seeks to prevent the companies from making the deal in order to preserve head-to-head competition.

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