Injunction Will Keep Planned Parenthood In Women’s Health Program

AUSTIN (November 8, 2012)--Texas District Judge Steve Yelenosky issued an injunction Thursday that will keep Planned Parenthood in the Women's Health Program pending resolution of the organization’s lawsuit.

The family planning organization is suing the state of Texas arguing that a new rule banning clinics affiliated with abortion providers violates state law.

No state funds go to organizations that provide abortions, but the so-called "affiliate rule" denies funding to clinics that share the same name as an abortion provider, even if they are financially independent.

Gov. Rick Perry says he would rather shut down the program that cares for 111,000 women than allow state funds to reach Planned Parenthood.

Unless overturned on appeal, the injunction will remain in effect until a trial can decide Planned Parenthood's lawsuit.

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