Obama, Romney, Running Mates Fan Out After Second Debate

(October 17, 2012)--A day after the contentious debate between the presidential candidates, President Barack Obama, Republican challenger Mitt Romney and their running mates headed back out to states where the election is up for grabs.

Romney went to Virginia while his running mate Paul Ryan campaigns in Ohio.

Those are two states that Mr. Obama won four years ago where the GOP ticket has been making its most aggressive run.

Mr. Obama was headed to Iowa and Vice President Joe Biden to Colorado and Nevada.

Mr. Obama appears to have 237 of the 270 electoral votes needed for victory comfortably in hand, and Romney is confident of 191, which leaves 110 electoral votes at stake in nine battleground states, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire.

With just 20 days left until the election, polls show an extremely tight race nationally.

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