Republicans Not Impressed By President’s Apology

WASHINGTON (November 8, 2013) Republicans appeared unmoved Friday by President Barack Obama’s apology to Americans who are losing health insurance plans he had repeatedly said they could keep.

Mr. Obama told NBC Thursday he's "sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation" based on assurances he gave.

Friday, Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell said, "If the president is truly sorry for breaking his promises to the American people, he'll do more than just issue a halfhearted apology on TV."

In the interview, Mr. Obama promised to find fixes that might allow people to keep their coverage.

Mr. Obama was referring to fixes the administration could make on its own, officials said, but Friday a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner said the Ohio Republican is "highly skeptical" that the president could take administrative action to ensure that Americans can keep their health plans.

The spokesman says Obama needs to work with Congress on legislation that would let insurance companies continue to offer existing policies.

The president's apology came as the White House tries to combat a cascade of troubles surrounding the health care law.

The website that was supposed to be an easy portal to purchase insurance has been plagued by technical issues and there’s new scrutiny over the way the president sold the law to the public in the first place.

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