Some Families May Be Better Off Talking Turkey Than Talking Politics

(November 20, 2012)—As extended families get together for Thanksgiving this week, amid all the turkey and pie, the football on TV, the catching up on family doings, there are bound to be plenty of political disagreements.

Andrew Marshall of Quincy, Mass., says his relatives across the country include Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, so, they're expecting fireworks.

Things had already gotten so bad on Facebook, the family had to ban any political talk there, but at least they're still able to get together.

Brian Davidson of Helena, Ala., said he and his family aren't even going to Thanksgiving dinner this year with his father.

Davidson voted for Barack Obama, but he describes his dad as "a little to the right of Glenn Beck."

He said it's better to skip dinner than to suffer "a non-recoverable blowup."

This year, he'll take the kids to his wife's family instead, but they're conservative as well, so he says he'll try to avoid any topics that would bring "an Obama rant" around the table.

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