Position posted by Time Manufacturing Co.

Created: Mar 7, 2018

Job Title:
Job Status:
Full Time
Job Category:
1-3 Years
Waco, TX
Salary Type:
High School
Job ID:
Bruce Hardt
7601 Imperial

Job Description

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General Summary:

Performs all tasks required for complete mounting of aerial lifts.  Service bodies and lift options on designed chassis, per specifications with minimum supervision.


Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Identify all lifts models and components necessary for mounting.

2. Layout, cut, and install service bodies to specifications.

3. Locate and mount lift in proper position using prints, manuals, and/or engineering assistance.

4. Install PTO’s, belt drive or other pump system as required.

5. Plumb lift system, dump bodies, and outriggers as required.

6. Wire start/stop, throttle controls, lights and other electrical devices as required.

7. Check and adjust hydraulic pressures per lift specifications.

8. Stability test completed mounting using specified loads.

9. Check all lifts, chassis and option functions for proper operation.

10. Complete test forms and maintain time records.

11. Perform other task as needed to provide a safe, clean environment and  assist in meeting production demands of other departments if needed.

12. Maintain personal tool inventory as required by Company.


Required knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

1. Ability to lift items up to 80 lbs.

2. Ability to climb ladders, crawl under and climb on chassis and bodies used for mounting.

3. Ability to properly use shop tools, electric, and pneumatic hand tools.

4. Ability to read and comprehend blue prints, schematics, and instruction manuals.

5. Skillful in the use of oxygen/acetylene and plasma cutting equipment.

6. Skilled in wire-feed welding - Certified by Time Welding Department.

7. Ability to read measuring devices - tape measures, dial indicator, level, etc.

8. Knowledge of vehicle wiring and mechanical functions.

9. Knowledge in the use of available lifting equipment such as overhead cranes, jib hoist, jacks, and forklifts.

10. Ability to troubleshoot malfunctions of mounted units.

11. Must be able to work flexible hours when required.

12. Must have ability to work in a manufacturing environment subject to extremes in heat, cold, noise, dust, and fumes.


Since 1965, we’ve committed to add value for companies with our aerial lifts, and this goal has continued even today. As an ISO9001-certified quality standard company, our customers are always our focus. You know this in ways like seeing our welders’ stamps on each Versalift aerial lift, adding further accountability and trust for the life of the product.

We're always looking for motivated people to join us. Versalift is a multinational corporation that develops and builds the world's best quality aerial lifts. Versalift hinges its success on top quality materials, design and our employees. Our engineers, tradesman, marketing and clerical staff are a huge part of our success, now it’s your turn.


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