Sharing a love of motorcycles and God

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) -- Motorcycle groups came together over the weekend to share their love of God and bikes.

The Church on Garrett Road in Monroe, Louisiana hosted the three-day unity rally, wrapping it up with a Sunday service.

People there said bikers come in all shapes and sizes from a variety of backgrounds.

"They may be lawyers, judges, somebody who works at McDonald's, or work out in manufacturing or wherever," motorcyclist James Waterhouse said.

That's why The Church on Garrett Road brought together the area's motorcycle clubs and tied them together with the two things they have in common: bikes and God.

"They help anybody, they don't judge, they don't care," church member Vanessa Harrell said. "They do whatever you need help with and spread the Gospel about Jesus and whatever they can do to help, they'll do it."

Harrell said the three-day unity rally is a chance for the religious motorcycle clubs to pitch a tent, camp out and come together to break the stigma of motorcyclists.

"I guess if you watch movies you'll see that they are tough and they're usually doing drugs and women, but the ones I'm associated with are far from it," she said. "I see good people. I don't see the bad reputation I used to think."

"These guys they do a lot of outreach programs," Waterhouse said. "They go out and minister to the homeless, they have prison programs, they do toy runs, and they do benefit runs."

At the end of the third day, they say the cold, wet weekend was worth it.

"It's a fellowship. It's hanging around people who, while they may have a different background from you, all share a similarity, and that similarity is bikes," Waterhouse said.