Baylor offers help on providing legal services and starting law firms

(photo: Baylor Law)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A Baylor Law School program is asking attendees is it possible for young lawyers to build successful law practices and address the widening access-to-justice gap.

During the two-day Legal Mapmaker organizers hope to train attendees and accomplish both goals.

Tyzha Kimbrough is a first-year Baylor Law School student and the San Antonio native said the program has given her more confidence to help her hometown.

The $250 program fee is waived if attendees agree to take on a pro-bono case during the next year, said Dean of Baylor Law Brad Toben.

"And our objective in doing that is to give these young lawyers a taste of how satisfying it is to do something for someone who has a problem that requires a lawyer but they can't afford a lawyer. The difficulty with the availability of legal services does not extend just to those whom we might regard as being poor and actually extends to probably two-thirds to 80 percent of the population of Texas and the nation," Toben said.

"I absolutely love that the Legal Mapmaker program is emphasizing pro-bono work that is really amazing because I to plan to return to my hometown and give back to my community via pro bono work," Kimbrough said.

The program also covers topics about how attorneys can start their own law firm in an ever-changing economy.

"I've got a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit and me. So I love the idea of starting my own business and so as a lawyer the idea of having my own practice is really exciting," attendee and Baylor Law graduate Chris von der Gruen said.

For more information contact the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Pro Bono Programs Stephen Rispoli at (254)-710-3927 or