Waco: BU students step out to help the community

WACO, Texas (KWTX) Saturday Baylor Students spent the day helping the Waco community as part of the university's Steppin' Out program.

Students volunteer for the event every semester.

They clean yards, trim trees, and help with painting or anything else anyone might need.

They've been helping people like Carol Snyder with her home for the past few semesters.

"I told my friends about it and they think it's so wonderful that they get out and help us here in the neighborhood," said Snyder.

The program has been a Baylor tradition for more than 30 years. Every semester people in the community apply for assistance, a committee chooses the ones who need the most help and send volunteers to work.

This semester almost 2,000 students signed up to help at more than 50 locations around the city.

Students say this gives them a chance to get outside campus, get to know the community, and give some much-needed help.

"You come in and maybe their weeds are really high, maybe there's a lot of dead branches," said Baylor student Patrick VanBurkleo. "By the time you leave...and you see the beautiful backyard, or the freshly painted house, it really is the best part."