Central Texas rocker Ted Nugent dines with the president

Ted Nugent with the president. (Courtesy photo)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Central Texas rocker Ted Nugent dined Wednesday evening at the White House with President Donald Trump, an invitation the rocker told KWTX he received for helping campaign for Mr. Trump leading up to the November election.

Nugent campaigned for Mr. Trump in his home state of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in critical weeks leading up to the election.

But Nugent didn’t make the trip alone.

A few celebrity friends who also campaigned for Mr. Trump, including Kid Rock, his fiancée Audrey Berry, and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, were also invited.

The visitors dined with the president in the official dining room and also toured the White House.

Nugent presented the president with a guitar that both he and Kick Rock, a fellow Michigan artist, signed.

When reached by phone early Thursday morning Nugent told KWTX, “The president was extremely kind, open and gracious as if we were all family members. It was a wonderful day to be an American.”

By Wednesday morning, photos of the meeting at the White House were popping up on social media, including one that shows Nugent, Kid Rock and Palin standing in front of the official portrait of Hilary Clinton.

“President Trump told me to not only give you his very best and a big presidential thank you for the phenomenal wildlife conservation force we have succeeded at, but also gave me his word that he is aware of the ongoing mistakes in wildlife mismanagement and his commitment to right the flurry of wrongs that get in the way of meaningful “wise-use” of our precious renewable wildlife resources,” the blog reads,” Nugent wrote in his blog on Deeranddeerhunting.com.

“We discussed various quality of life issues and how entrenched status quo political correctness has wrecked everything it has touched and how his administration is focused and dedicated to get back to the US Constitutional basics of government of, by and for the people.”

Shemane and Ted Nugent, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Kid Rock and his fiancée Audrey Berry flank the president. (White House photo by Sheelah Craighead)