Little River-Academy: Community remembers police chief

LITTLE RIVER-ACADEMY, Texas (KWTX) Monday is the third anniversary of the shooting death of Little River-Academy police Chief Lee Dixon.

Photo By Tianna Jenkins

Dixon was shot and killed by former police officer David Risner

Family and friends gathered in Little River-Academy to remember a man who kept them safe.

"They said that if Lee was there you didn't have anything to worry about because he always had your back,” his wife Mary Dixon said.

Dixon graduated from Temple College Police Academy in 1996.

Throughout his career, he served in Belton, Milam County and of course Little River-Academy.

He was loved by everyone and known for his smile, weird sense of humor and being a friend to those in the community.

Mary Dixon says regardless if he working there or not he just couldn’t stay away from Little River.

“You couldn't get him to stop loving this town because even when he wasn't chief, he was here and coming through and still talking to everybody." Mary Dixon said.

This year his family was able to traveled to be a part of his memorial service.

His sister Dee Dee Dixon Gibbs says she will always remember her brother as being adventurous and tough.

"Fun to be around, loved to go dancing and never was shy. He was my big brother and my protector." Gibbs said.

The last time Wayland Dixon saw his son was on Father’s Day three years ago. He expressed how proud he was of Little River for doing this for his son and how proud he was of Dixon.

"He was a good man, Honest as the day was long, hard worker and a good officer and I am very proud of him."

Fire Chief David Borders says he doesn’t feel safe without Dixon being around. Dixon gave his life in the line of duty for the community.

Borders says they will continue to honor him every year to keep his legacy alive.

"It’s important that his sacrifice isn't forgotten,” Borders said.

“And a lot of people think that things can't happen in a small town and this just proves that it can happen anywhere."

Borders still remembers the day Dixon was killed like it was yesterday. He says that some days are harder but having this service every year allows them to remember Dixon and the good times.