Fort Hood: Post hosts bomb, chemical, nuclear unit exercise

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FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) Fort Hood hosted a capabilities exercise to show Army leaders what the 20th chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosives or CBRNE command has to offer to help them in the battle field.

(Photo by Sam DeLeon)

The 20th CBRNE is a one-of-a-kind unit.

The 20th includes 85 percent of the army's bomb disposal and chemical and nuclear units.

“Training like this enables other conventional forces understand the breadth and depth of what we do and how we are in need of support from them as we integrate into their formations,” Brig. Gen. William King the Commander of the 20th CBRNE said.

After a short explanation about how the equipment works, leaders were able to see the soldiers and equipment in action.

A big part of the exercise took place in underground tunnels. Tunnels that used to house nuclear weapons, now they're used to train for bomb disposal and training for chemicals attacks.

“The capabilities exercise is purely to show like here's what we're able to do your limitations so that means me as a future commander and my bosses we have a better appreciation. We can and can't do and what that appreciation you can plan better,” Capt. Daniel Berkowitz with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, out of Ft. Irwin said.

King has units in 16 states and 11 installations across the US, and he hopes leaders’ take away an understanding of how they can utilize CBRNE units in training and especially on deployments.