Fort Hood: Thief steals ID, keys, car from sleeping resident’s home

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FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) A Fort Hood resident was sleeping Tuesday in her home on post when someone stole her vehicle, along with her military ID and the keys to her house.

Jhordyn Abney said when she woke up Tuesday, she looked out of her second floor window and noticed that her car was not in its spot.

Abney said at first, she thought her sister, who was staying with her, had taken the car, but when she found her sibling asleep in her room, Abney realized the vehicle had been stolen.

After calling police, Abney tried contacting one of her sister’s friends who had been at the house the night before.

She says she believes this man was involved in the theft.

“We start looking for the other individual who was supposed to have been there, so that sends up red flags for us,” Abney said.

“He does not answer the phone whatsoever.”

The house was not damaged during the incident, Abney said.

“To me, that makes me believe it was somebody who knew what they were looking for, and knew where they were going,” Abney said.

A mutual friend set up a phone call between Abney’s sister’s friend and Abney while police listened.

Abney said once officers told him how serious the situation was, he gave the name and phone number of another person possibly involved in the incident.

“Even if it wasn’t him, I feel like he, I feel like he set me up,” Abney said.

As police continue to investigate, Abney is left without her military ID or her vehicle, which makes it difficult to get around, she said.

Abney said that she is also unable to find or keep a job without a car.

“My military ID and everything was in the car. I can’t go on and off post, I can’t really do anything,” Abney said.

She said she also fears for her safety, as a key to her home was also taken.

Abney has been living on Fort Hood for about 10 months.