Good Samaritan takes in local volunteers

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CONROE, Texas (KWTX) The outpouring of donations to first responders working rescue operations due to flooding due to Hurricane Harvey is a story in itself.

(Photo by Taina Maya)

The brother-in-law of a Waco police officer has taken in 17 current and former officers who are helping with high-water rescues in the Houston area.

David Gindrup enlisted the help of his neighbor, Tara Jackson, in the Conroe area to house and feed the group.

He said without hesitation Jackson jumped at the opportunity to help the officers after their initial accommodations fell through.

The entire street and neighborhood has come together donating laundry detergent, food, water, snacks pillows and blankets for the traveling crew.

Officers within the group said the accommodations were above and beyond.

"They know we are here to help others and you could say this is their way of helping them too," Gindrup said.