Hewitt: Residents report mail thefts

(Photo by Ke'Sha Lopez)
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HEWITT, Texas (KWTX) The Hewitt Police Department is investigating after some residents reported mail from their mailboxes had gone missing.

It happened July 8 on Crestwood Drive.

Vikki Dzamba, who live in the neighborhood, said she can't believe something like this would happen in the area.

"I had heard through a neighborhood website that there was some mail stolen up the street and across from them that lady as well that same day right at that same time."

Police Chief Jim Devlin says a couple of residents reported mail taken from their mailboxes around 10:00 in the morning.

They had put letters in the boxes, some with personal checks, and raised the red flag to alert the postal worker there was mail to pick up.

Devlin didn't give any other details about the suspect but said reminded residents about ways to protect their mail.

"Like everything else there are bad guys out there that figure out a way around the system and they prey on folks this is what they do."

The department has released a public service announcement on its Facebook page to give residents a few tips on how not to fall victim to this federal crime.

It suggests that residents pick up their mail promptly and to not leave it in the box for long.

If you are expecting something of value to have a friend pick it up.

And, if you are expecting something of value and don't receive it to contact the sender immediately and report the theft to a postal inspector and police.

Asking the post office to hold your mail if you plan to be away from home an extended period of time is another option Devlin offered.

He also mentioned residents can alert the police department when they are away.

Police will not retrieve any mail, but they can keep an eye on who should and should not be around your home.