Hewitt: Girl approved for “miracle” drug home after ICU stay

Faith Fortenberry is home from the hospital following a stay in ICU. (Courtesy photo)
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HEWITT, Texas (KWTX) A 5-year-old Hewitt girl who just started a potentially life-saving treatment following months of back and forth with insurance companies has been released from Cook Children’s Medical Center after a five day hospital stay, which included time in the ICU.

On May 10, Faith Fortenberry was taken first to Providence Health Center in Waco suffering from dehydration and vomiting and then was transferred by ambulance to the hospital in Fort Worth.

The young girl has a fare and sometimes fatal disease called spinal muscular atrophy or SMA, which causes muscle wasting and weakness and makes every day a struggle.

In Fort Worth, Fortenberry was diagnosed with strep and rotavirus and spent days in the ICU with a rapid heart rate and low blood pressure.

A week before her she fell ill, Faith received her first injection of Spinraza, a newly-approved drug to treat her condition.

Faith was released Sunday.

“None of us know when the good Lord is going to call us home,” Leeann wrote in a facebook post.

“But, I'm thankful after another stay in the hospital my favorite gift of all is going with home with me.”

Faith will receive her second injection later this week.