Waco: "Nagasaki Cross" on display at Baylor

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A symbol of hope and reconciliation is on display at Baylor University.

The “Nagasaki Cross” is a sculpture created as a peace memorial by a Japanese artist, Inagaki Yoshinori, made from the rubble of a school damaged in the 1945 atomic bombing during World War II.

On the cross, you see the names and dates of Japanese cities deeply affected by nuclear disaster- Hiroshima (08.06.45), Nagasaki (08.09.45) and Fukushima (03.11.11)

The cross is currently displayed at Moody Memorial library and will remain at Baylor for the year. It will then travel to another member school of the International Association of Baptist Colleges and Universities said Kathy Hillman, director of Baptist Collections and Library Advancement.

Hillman spoke on the symbolism of the Nagasaki cross saying “it symbolizes that Christ can redeem; His grace is sufficient. It symbolizes tragedy, but it also symbolizes the ability to move forward in friendship”.