In new book, Comey says Trump 'untethered to truth'

Donald Trump and James Comey. (File)
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WASHINGTON (AP) Former FBI Director James Comey blasts President Donald Trump as "unethical" and "untethered to truth" in a new book.

He calls Mr. Trump's leadership of the country "ego driven and about personal loyalty."

Comey's comments come in the new book in which he casts Trump as a mafia boss-like figure who sought to blur the line between law enforcement and politics and tried to pressure him regarding the investigation into Russian election interference.

The book provides a firsthand account of several moments under scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller's team probing possible obstruction of justice by Mr. Trump.

The book is sure to ignite a backlash from Mr. Trump, who has previously attacked Comey as a "showboat" and a "liar."

It is to be released next week.

The Associated Press purchased a copy.