National 811 Safe Digging Day

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Waco, Texas Did you know that, before you dig, it is required by law to
call 811 to have all buried utility lines located and marked? Atmos Energy wants to thank
homeowners and excavators alike for observing the law and keeping our communities safe by
always calling 811 before digging.
Since 2008, Atmos Energy has seen a 47 percent increase in requests by the public to have
underground natural gas lines marked. Once underground utility lines are marked, it is important
to take special care around all line markings by digging by hand.
“The greatest risk to our natural gas pipelines is accidental damage while digging,” said John
Paris, president of Atmos Energy’s Mid-Tex division. “Even minor damage, such as a scrape,
dent, or crease in a pipeline or its coating, can cause a leak.”
Every time the excavating public calls 811 before digging, the chance of hitting an underground
utility line decreases to 99.9 percent. When calling 811, homeowners and contractors are
connected to their local one-call center, which notifies the appropriate utility companies of their
intent to dig. Professional locators are then sent to the digging site to mark the locations of
underground utility-owned lines with flags and spray paint, free of charge.
“Atmos Energy located 2.1 million underground natural gas lines in 2016. We appreciate our
customers observing this important safety law. Calling 811 is the law in every state that we serve.
All excavators call 811 at least three business days before digging on public or private property,”
said Paris.
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