Restaurant Report Card for week of January 11

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(KWTX) If you've bought sushi from The O'Mart on South Fort Hood Street in Killeen recently listen up.

The health department says they were labeling and selling red tuna sushi, but it was really bulk frozen red tuna that they cut up and presented as sushi.

The deliberate move is extremely dangerous because the raw fish was processed incorrectly and could make someone sick.

This is the second time they've been caught doing this, so now the machine was changed to prevent the word sushi from being printed.

They scored a 95.

Down the road at Los Cabos Seafood Bar makes a 94.

They had to throw away shrimp wrapped in bacon, more cut up shrimp and Pico because the prep table wasn't keeping things cold enough.

The inspector also noticed knives in clean rack were dirty with debris.

In Waco the Church's Chicken on South Valley Mills in Waco scored a 76 on their inspection last month.

The kitchen needs a deep clean, and they found food debris and grease in several area including roaches roaming around.

Their ice machine has to be repaired and dishes have to be rewashed.

They were granted a permit to operate on the 4th of this month.

This week's Clean Plate Award goes to Sascee's Southern Eatery on South 11th Street in Waco.

The soul food kitchen has everything from ox tails to sweet potato pie.