McGregor: Vandals damage headstones, reward offered

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MCGREGOR, Texas (KWTX) The City of McGregor is offering a $500 reward to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of the vandal or vandals who left a trail of damage behind at the city-owned cemetery.

(Photo by Nestor Montoya)

Cemetery employees discovered the vandalism on March 27.

A total of 17 headstones were damaged and knocked over, four concrete benches were crushed, and eight permanent vases on graves were destroyed.

McGregor Director of Code Enforcement, Bryan Edds, said the incident is upsetting.

"We treat the cemetery like everybody out here is one of our own. So the disrespect that was done out here is really kind of crushing to all of us,” he said.

Edds said the vandalism was concentrated in the southeastern part of the cemetery.

A few of the benches have been replaced and other damage has been repaired since the discovery.

The cemetery contacted Phipps Memorial in Waco to assist in raising some of the knocked headstones back into place.

"We're waiting to hear back about the ones that were damaged and broken of what can be fixed and how that can be done or not,” Edds said.

Edds said the city has taken steps to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

We have increased patrols out here including myself. I get out at night at times. We've put some lighting up out here and stuff like that, but we're looking at some other security measures to see what we can do there,” he said.