Salado: Central Texans introduce eBikes to the village

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SALADO, Texas (KWTX) After dealing with the loss of business for years due to I-35 construction the village of Salado is starting to rebound not only with new visitors but with new businesses.

(Photo by Kristen Victorin)

Lonestar eBikes sells, rents, and offers tours with electronic bicycles or “e-bikes” which assist the rider as they pedal with an electric motor.

Jay and Mary Ford opened the business Thursday which offers visitors a different way to see Salado.

"You interact with a town and with the countryside in a different way when you're on the back of a bicycle,” resident and local business owner K.D Hill said.

The e-bikes are often found in cities like Austin and Dallas because they offer an easy way to get around. The Fords saw many reasons to introduce the bikes to Central Texas.

"It didn't take much for us to realize that riding an e-bike gave us more exercise than a regular bike,” Jay Ford said. “And a lot of that comes from not having to worry about pain in the knees or being unbalanced.”

The Fords said their own weight-loss and health benefits from riding inspired them to bring the business to Salado.

But it was difficult for them to get the wheels turning on their idea.

"It was hard to get financing for this business because it's new and not known," Ford said.

When they went to local banks, they received the financing they needed and overwhelming support from residents and local businesses.

The Fords were determined to help visitors rediscover Salado in a fun and unique way.

"Everybody's excited about this culture and creating something that is environmentally friendly and to be able to get healthy benefits and then it helps improve the way people get around the community,” Ford said.

The Fords said a huge goal for them is to support the growth and re-emergence of Salado’s culture.

Many of their tours lead to local businesses along with historical tours of the village.

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