Scuba diving in the summer

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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) A different way to stay cool this summer is scuba diving.

Photo by Tianna Jenkins

The underwater adventure allows people to swim with the fishes and explore attractions and what lurks in the deep water.

Scuba Divers Paradise is located at Stillhouse Hollow Lake in Belton. They offer diving courses to anyone interested in learning about scuba diving and all it has to offer.

Bill Ford is one of the owners of the shop. He has been diving for four years and says

"It's more of a relaxing environment. There’s no noise down there other than you breathing and whatever creatures are making noises,” Ford said.

Classes are required before you can officially go diving, but most places let you try it out in a pool before you make a commitment.

Antonio Lugardo and his wife Anabella have a love for diving like no other. They love it so much they decided to have their wedding under water.

"Even though I was an instructor, I was like ok I do not know what's going to happen here,” Lurgardo said.

“But after we were under water the water actually has this calming sensation and all we had to do is just hold hands and just repeat the vows."

Instructors sink items like motorcycles, boats and other man made attractions to give divers something to look at.

C.J Gargagliano has been diving for a year. He spends almost every week diving. He says whether you are an advance swimmer or not instructors will always take the time to work with you.

"There's nothing to be afraid of and the instructors here, even if you are afraid will make sure you can get over those fears,” Gargagliano said.

If you would like to learn more about scuba diving at Scuba Divers Paradise visit the link below.