Study: Deer-vehicle crashes more likely this year in Texas

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) A new study shows that Texas drivers are more likely to have a deer-related collision this year than in previous years.


According to the State Farm study, the likelihood of a deer crash is 7 percent higher than it was last year.

The study also states that nearly half of all deer-related accidents happen between October and December each year.

However, Texas is still one of the least risky places in the country for deer collisions, ranking 38th in likelihood for hitting one of the animals.

Still, insurance agents said it’s still important to slow down in known deer zones, especially from dusk to dawn.

They also said drivers should always stay on the road, even if it means hitting a deer.

"Try to avoid swerving,” State Farm Insurance Agent Leah McGee said. “It can cause a lot more damage, just stay in your lane, and maintain, and whatever happens, happens, but swerving can cause a whole lot more problems."

If you do get into an accident, first move your car to a safe place and turn on your hazard lights before calling police.

McGee said you should take photos of the damage and your surroundings for your insurance company claim.

She said drivers should also have their car inspected after a deer strike, even if it doesn’t look severely damaged.

According to the State Farm study, the amount to fix your car from a deer strike has increased by about $200, with a national average insurance claim of $4,179.