Texas deputy retrieves snake that emerged from toilet

Bee County Deputy Lindsay Scotten with the snake. (Bee County Sheriff's Office photo)
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BEEVILLE, Texas (AP) A South Texas man says he was cleaning the bathroom at his home when his 6-year-old son alerted him that a snake was slithering out of the toilet.

Wade Velock said he ran so fast he knocked down his son.

Bee County sheriff's deputies were called.

In a Facebook post, the sheriff's office says Deputy Lindsay Scotten retrieved the snake, which appears to be about 5 feet long, in the bathroom vanity, and then released it into the brush.

It was identified as a non-venomous blue indigo.

Vielock says Scotten told him she has trouble dealing with cockroaches but is OK handling snakes.

Bee County is about 90 miles of San Antonio.