Tiff with Uber driver costs Texas prosecutor her job

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DALLAS (AP) A Dallas County prosecutor has been fired after an Uber driver accused her of hitting, insulting and accusing him of abducting her as he was driving her home from a bar.

Assistant District Attorney Jody Warner. (CNN VAN photo)

Assistant District Attorney Jody Warner was fired Monday over the Friday night incident.

District Attorney Faith Johnson said that although no criminal charges were filed, her behavior violated her office's "core principle of integrity."

Driver Shaun Platt detailed the incident on his Facebook page.

He said Warner refused to give him directions, then accused him of kidnapping her when he missed a turn and verbally and physically abused him.

When he stopped and ordered her from the car, she refused to leave until a police unit called by Platt arrived.

Warner said Tuesday that she was "uncomfortable with the route" taken Friday by driver Shaun Platt.

Warner, who'd been with the DA's office six years, says she's prosecuted sexual offender cases and may have been on edge.

She also apologized for her language and said she'd been drinking.