Waco: "We're going clean and green"

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) There's a new effort underway to make the city of Waco clean and green and it's starting with one trashcan in downtown.

"It's a solar powered compacting trashcan and when this gets three quarters full it will send a signal to a computer and let us know that it's full and we can come empty it at that time," said City of Waco Park Superintendent John Rose.

The first “BigBelly” bin uses solar power to drive an internal trash compactor and has been placed at University parks and Franklin. Rose says it’s a joint effort by the solid waste and parks department.

“We are trying to get the public to be more green and recycle more and also it's going to help with the amount of times that we have to come empty the trash,” Rose said.

A second bin will be installed soon at 6th and Austin.

City officials say they hope if all goes well, they will install others in Cameron Park.