Waco: Annual People’s Law School is coming up

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WACO, Texas Residents with questions about the law can have them answered this weekend at the People's Law School in Waco.

On Saturday, Baylor's law school will host the free event.

Professors and attorneys will give residents a crash course in areas such as adoption, employment and family law, veteran affairs, and wills and estate planning.

The event will also highlight for the first time a behind the scenes look at jury selection.

Event organizers said attorneys will talk about issues that are relevant and responsive to what's being reported in the news such as the Affordable Care Act, taxes for small businesses and the power of the president.

"The executive orders are being signed. There have always been questions about the president's power so we thought it would be helpful to have someone present exactly what the relationship is between executive orders verses legislation by Congress verses administrative rules. So, I'm real excited about that course,” Baylor law professor Patricia Wilson said.

The school has been going strong for 12 years.

Last year more than 300 people attended.

This year's event is from 8:45 a.m. until 12:45 p.m. Saturday.