Waco: Eleven more Twin Peaks lawsuits filed in federal court

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Eleven people who were arrested after the gunfight at Twin Peaks in Waco but were never indicted have filed civil rights lawsuits in federal court charging violations of their civil rights.

Plaintiffs in the action filed Tuesday include Daryle Walker, of Franklin County, Ohio; Michael Woods, of Bell County; Don Fowler, of Ellis County; David Cepeda, of Bexar County; Kevin Rash, of McLennan County; Richard Kreder, of Navarro County; Greg Corrales, of Bexar County; Bobby Joe Samford, of Milam County; Jimmy Spencer Jr., of Montgomery County; Craig Rodahl, of McLennan County; and Arley Harris III, of Bosque County.

The lawsuit names as defendants former Waco police Chief Brent Strohman, Officer Manuel Chavez, District Attorney Abelino Reyna, the City of Waco, McLennan County and several John Does and seeks unspecified damages.

Dallas attorneys Don Tittle and F. Clinton Broden filed the 55-page petition that points out not only have the plaintiffs not been indicted, their cases never have been presented to a grand jury.

In spite of not being indicted, each case remains under investigation, police have said.

“This suit seeks to correct the miscarriage of justice and assault on the United States Constitution perpetrated by these defendants," Tittle said in the petition.

The May 17, 2015 gun battle between biker gangs left nine dead and more than 20 injured.

Legal assistants and prosecutors declined to comment on the lawsuit Wednesday.

A phone call to Reyna had not been returned Wednesday