Waco: Air show brings special sentiment to veteran

(Photo by Nestor Montoya)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Thousands gathered to the TSTC Airport in Waco on Saturday and Sunday for the Heart of Texas Air Show.

The show had a variety of exhibits for all ages, and featured aerial stunts from skilled pilots like the United State Air Force Thunderbirds.

Nick Krajicek, one of the pilots for the Thunderbirds, said flying the F-16 aircraft is a rush.

"Just exhilaration. You know folks that watch it from the ground are as exhilarated as I am up there flying on a daily basis," said Krajicek.

People watched the sky in awe, including 90 year-old JC Carver.

The 90-year-old is a WWII Navy veteran, and has always had an appreciation for the skies.

"I've just always loved planes," said Carver.

Carver oversaw a landing craft while in the navy, and was often surrounded by planes.

"And I used to go out there and watch them fly all the time, and I was wishing it were me," he said.

Carver never got the chance to pilot a plane, but has visited many air shows with his wife.

"My wife didn't want me to fly. that's one reason I never did fly," said Carver.

But 11 years ago, Carver's wife passed away.

"Since my wife is gone it's awful lonesome," he said.

The veteran continues to attend air shows, and keeps a photo of his wife with him at all times.

He said he knows his wife is watching the shows from the best seat in the house.