West: New books, roof needed after storm damages library

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WEST, Texas (KWTX) The West Public Library and Museum needs a new roof and new books after a rainstorm hit the city last month.

(Photo by Rissa Shaw)

The strong April storm did more than $100,000 dollars of damage to the library, which now needs its roof and 1,707 books replaced.

"It's terrible,” said Tommy Muska, Mayor for the City of West. “Some of 'em were wet, but some of 'em were just saturated and so we could not save 'em, and so we're working hard to try to restock our library."

Muska said the roof started leaking water onto the books on the west wall of the library after half a foot of rain fell during the storm.

The city’s Librarian, Nancy Hykel, said most of the books damaged were children’s books in the “juvenile fiction” section.

Muska said about $80,000 worth of books were destroyed.

“We’re hoping we’ll get some grants for the replacement of the books,” said Muska.

Hykel was looking for grants to apply for to have the books replaced, according to Muska.

As for the roof, last week the West City Council approved a $23,000 bid to have it replaced.

“We’ve got a roofer, we've got a bid out for the roof, uh, we've accepted the bid, so they should be working on the roof in the next week or so,” said Muska.

The city has filed a claim, but Muska said he wasn’t sure if the cost of the roof was going to be covered by insurance or not.

Inquiries about book donations can be made to Nancy Hykel at (254) 826-3070.