Woman dies after struggle with guards at local county jail

Courtesy: MGN Online
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GATESVILLE, Texas (KWTX) A woman died Sunday after a struggle with guards at the Coryell County Jail, authorities confirmed Wednesday.

Kelli Leanne Page, 46, was held in the jail’s administrative segregation section.

Jailers responded Sunday to a report of what was described in a press release Wednesday as “jail violations” by the inmate.

Jailers “began the de-escalation process” by first ordering Page to comply and when that failed utilized what the press release described only as “a chemical agent,” which also had no effect.

“At that time with these methods failing to gain compliance jailers were forced to make entry into the cell in an attempt to restrain the inmate,” the press release said.

The jailers entered Page’s cell and tried to restrain her.

In the ensuing struggle she grabbed a pair of handcuffs and one jailer received what the press release described as non-life-threatening injuries.

“Once the inmate was cuffed jailers noticed that the inmate had become unresponsive, restraints were removed and CPR started by the jailers with Coryell memorial EMS being dispatched,” the press release said.

Paramedics continued the CPR at the jail until a Coryell Memorial Health System doctor ordered them to end the effort, the press release said.

Page was pronounced dead and an autopsy was ordered.

The injured jailer was taken to Coryell Memorial Hospital and was released after treatment.

Texas Rangers will investigate.