Man goes onto ice to rescue 2 dogs from pond

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) -- Over the weekend, two dogs fell into an icy pond at Canyon View Park in Grand Junction, Colorado. While firefighters responded to the incident, it was the quick action of another park visitor that led to the dog’s rescue.

"That's the hole right there," said Brad Shull, the man who rescued the two dogs from the pond.

Shull said he saw two ladies who were waving their hands, screaming for help. He then saw two heads bobbing up and down in an aerated spot in the pond.

"I said, ‘Your dogs are going to die. I have to go,’" Shull recalled.

That's when he sprang into action. He took three or four steps on the ice to see if it was solid and then got on his belly and scooted across the ice.

He said as he got closer he could tell the dogs were in bad shape.

"I reached out and got him by the collar, drug him up by the ice and then the little one had his snout above water, and I was able to grab his snout and then bring him up and grab his head and bring him onto the ice," said Shull.

Shull said he has a lot of experience on the ice and it is not something just anyone should try.

He said the situation he found himself in was easy to avoid.

"It's so inviting to let them off the leash because there's nobody here and all this snow they want to play in, but labs and retrievers will instinctively go straight to water," said Shull. "Keep your dogs on a leash and this won't happen. That's all you can do."

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