Classroom Champions: Iredell's Hannah Fowler

Most of the traffic that passes through the small city of Iredell does so on foot.

Which is why, with little reason to stop and stick around, nearly every one of the 47 students in the high school will follow suit and leave town after graduation.

And nobody is more prepared to travel the road out of town than senior Hannah Fowler.

Hannah is one of the most successful students in Iredell.

She's gone to state in tennis and golf, been all-district in basketball and is the starting first baseman for the baseball team.

"Someone told me I can't do it cause it's a guy's sport. And so I wanted to do it just to prove a point," she said.

It's no wonder she draws a crowd everywhere she goes.

"I can tell everytime she stops by my classroom the kids perk up because Hannah's come in the room," girls' basketball coach Rodie Johnston said.

But it's where she planned on taking her career that really put her out of this world.

Earlier this year, Hannah was selected by NASA to take part in its aerospace scholars program.

She learned what it takes to go to space and got a head start on what was going to be a successful aerospace career.

Until she realized Iredell needed her more.

"I just really wanna be able to build something that people are going to be able to use for a long time," she said.

To that end, Hannah plans to study civil engineering, move back to Iredell after college and make a difference right here in her community.

"You can still excel and you don't have to travel off to the city to chase your dreams," Johnston said.

With people like Hannah in charge, I bet you might just stop and stay a while."