Classroom Champions: Clifton's Justin O'Neal

Clifton, Tx When you grow up in a small town like Clifton you get the chance to do lots of different things.

"Being involved in football and being able to keep up your grades and you can also be involved in the band system at the same time and it's really allowed me to build a more complete character," Justin says.

Justin O'Neal has tried several things, but he's not the kind of guy that's going to tell you how proficient he is in any of them.

Football coach Chuck Caniford says Justin is a real quiet guy but he's one of those guys that when you look in the room you can tell that he's taking in everything you're saying.

Justin agrees, "It's one of those things where I only talk if spoken to."

"One of the most memorable things about Justin this year was when he had to speak at the pep rally and he even made the statement most of you this is the most you'll ever hear me talk," Coach Caniford added.

So let me brag for Justin a bit, he's been a regional qualifier twice in powerlifting, and he placed this past year at the regional tournament. He's an outstanding linebacker on the football team, and
you can argue that he's accomplished all that while playing out of his weight class

Justin says, "It's really just about your heart and determination in doing it and if you do have enough of that size doesn't really matter as much cuz if you put forth your best effort, some of those bigger guys will fall."

One thing Justin's peers never question, is the size of his heart. He's first in line to help his teammates when they need it.
He's first in line when he can help in the community of Clifton.
And he's hoping to some day be back in Clifton or a place like it to work as a doctor, helping people for a living.

Justin says he plans on becoming a general practitioner and if there was an opening in Clifton he'd love to come back and really give back to the community even more.