Classroom Champions: Abbott's Jacob Pavelka

ABBOTT (December 27, 2015) Only three months into his senior year, Jacob Pavelka has already been a part of history at Abbott high school.

"It's crazy. Just to think of all the really good teams that had been there and they weren't able to do it, and for us to be able to do it, it makes me feel really good," said Pavelka.

The defensive leader of the school's first state championship football team, Pavelka is one to lead by example.

"That carries over into the classroom also," said Abbott head football coach Terry Crawford. "He's a straight A student, ranked third in his class. He brings the same work ethic on the court, of the court, on the field, off the field and in the classroom."

Pavelka is a three sport athlete, from football to basketball and track in the spring. He's also the senior class president and involved with FFA.

"My stepdad wanted me to show livestock and steers and I never knew much about it until I met him," said Pavelka. "Ever since I met him, I've always just been big into showing steers."

With all he's involved with, Pavelka see's it as his responsibility to finish the tasks he takes on.

"He's never shy'd away from work and whether has has family members that say, hey Jacob, we'll take care of your steer tonight and we'll wash your steer for you," said Crawford. He's always the first one to say that's my project and I'm going to be out there and I'm going to do it irregardless of the amount of things I have on the schedule."