Classroom Champions: Belton's Cammie Moore

Belton's Cammy Moore has a leadership trait then on that not all leaders have.

Extreme positivity.

"It comes from just wanting to win," said Moore. "I feel like basketball's fun when you're positive and it's more fun when you win."

And you can couple that positivity with Moore's intense amount of school spirit.

I love it, Belton's my favorite place.

She's a leader that's extremely unique. A leader who gets it done on the basketball court and in the classroom in one of the biggest schools in the region.

"She is a team player she's always wanting to get everyone involved," said Belton head basketball coach Brenda Gomez.

You also get a leader who's making a difference. Cammie is student council vice president and she helped lead the charge to get the Belton school song on the wall in the gym.

One of the things I thought was really neat, the sign over there on the wall the school song," said Gomez. She's a student council representative and I said 'Cammie they're going to put the school song up,' and she said 'Oh I've been wanting that so long I've been asking them and asking them,' that made her day."

And Cammie certainly appreciates being involved in the student government.

"We get to be the voice of the students, which I know sounds a little cheesy, but it's true. We get to do stuff, like we got to put that banner up and I was very excited about that."

That leadership also makes Cammie a special type of basketball player. And helped form a special bond between a player and coach.

"I think a lot more positive things come out of my mouth if I didn't have her here I probably wouldn't be as positive," said Gomez.