Classroom Champions: Lorena's Tracy Jander

There's little doubt that Lorena Senior Tracy Jander excels in the high jump; her two trips to the state meet in the event are proof of just that. But off the track, Tracy is also a high achiever.

"She has the same expectation of herself on and off the court, so I've seen her have and really strive for excellence in the classroom as well. She is number six in her class, again, because of her work ethic and her expectation on herself to be the best," said her coach Stacy Bartosh.

This week's Classroom Champion has a 4.0 G.P.A., and says that her passion for academics was fostered by her naturally competitive spirit.

"Well I have two older brothers, and they're intelligent, but I always wanted to be better than them. Like beat their ACT score, and I've always been competitive that way. But also my parents are very studious and they always made me study, but I've always been self driven to be the best in the classroom."

Tracy's athletic prowess extends beyond the high jump, she's also made it to the state meet in the 300 hurdles and played Volleyball all four years at Lorena. But it's the high jump that caught the attention of Duke University, and now Tracy will competing for the Blue Devil track team this fall, which is no surprise to her coach.

"I think Tracy can accomplish just about anything she sets her mind to. Because her work ethic often matches her goals or even exceeds her goals. She's willing to work for what she wants and I believe that makes her a candidate for anything she's interested in accomplishing."

Tracy is involved in several activities outside of class, including PALS, where she gets a chance to mentor kids. And this aspiring Marine Biologist works hard to set a good example for the younger generation.

"I've always been a respectable person and like tried to be the best kind of person and better myself every day. So it's very important to me to never be disrespectful or have bad decisions."