Classroom Champions: McGregor's Leah Bates

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(December 6, 2015) Call Leah Bates perfect. After all, she's got a perfect GPA.

Call her academic all-state. Because she is, in two sports.

Or call her all-district in golf. She was last year.

Call her whatever you want. Because none of it matters.

"Those are just titles. Once I leave high school, they won't mean much," she said.

All Leah desires to be called is to service.

"She's probably one of the most selfless teenage kids I've ever met," McGregor girls' basketball coach Kimberly Johnson said.

"To be able to go through and help others, it's a blessing."

The blessings have been plenty.

Relay for life, food pantries, toys for tots, kids in McGregor, they've all benefited from Leah's helping hands.

"I've always put others first. I'll even put myself on the backburner," she said.

Leah will go to college in Minnesota for nursing.

Her plan is to use that degree to go wherever she's needed for people who need it.

"Who you are is also where you live. So when you give back to the community, you get to know others and you get to talk to people who may not have as much opportunity as you get to get."

"It's something she's going to live way beyond McGregor. And what she's brought to McGregor, I think the rest of the world would like to see it," Johnson said.