Classroom Champions: Reicher's Ross Ginsburg

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(December 13, 2015) When you're a team captain and all-district linebacker, the weight room naturally becomes a second home.

Even more so when genetics doesn't offer much of a helping hand.

"I knew I would have to make up for my size somehow," he said.

Reicher senior Ross Ginsburg was just 5-foot-5 and 114 pounds in his first varsity season as a junior.

Players from other teams often stared.

"All the time," Ross said.

They wondered why a little kid was playing varsity.

"It's entertaining, honestly," he added.

It was entertaining even for head coach Mark Waggoner, who knew it only fueled his team captain.

"We have a kid who's playing with a little swagger," Waggoner said.

Sixty tackles later, Ross was all-district honorable mention.

In the offseason, while maintaining a perfect GPA and collecting numerous academic honors, Ross powerlifted, just so he could get stronger for football.

"I was 114 on varsity last year and this year I was 140," Ginsburg said.

By adding 20 pounds of muscle, Ross finished his senior season with more than 100 tackles and all-district honors once again.

"I think part of it is not really considering that you're smaller. Considering yourself as any other player and holding yourself to the same standards," Ginsburg said.

"A junior high player say he was too small to play and then I showed him Ross and he was convinced he could do it," Waggoner added.

Who needs size when your impact has that kind of magnitude.