Classroom Champions: Waco High's Will Richards

For the last few years, Will Richards has made a lot of plays on the football field and the basketball court for Waco High. He's become known for what he's done in front of big crowds. But his impact on the Waco football team started well before he became the starting quarterback.

"I met him when he was in the eighth grade over at Tennyson. And one thing that caught my eye five years ago was he used to come and visit a lot of our practices," said Waco Head Coach Marty Herbst. "And as a coach that means a lot.

But to know Will Richards, you have to know the young man behind the athletic talent.

"His presence his participation in class his intellectual level is at a level that's beyond his age," said Waco High Social Studies Teacher Ken Heller.

Richards is a national honor society student, he's in the top 10 percent of his class at Waco.

"He sets the standard for future people that follow him in the classroom and on the field people are going to remember Will for a long time," said Heller.

Richards hopes his athletic career isn't over, although it's taken a bit of a hit with this year's knee injury that ended his playing career at Waco.

"I still want to play college football and so hopefully I still get an opportunity for that and just further my career," said Richards.

His coach wants to get him to the next level as well.

Our goal is on National Signing Day in February that he signs to play quarterback for an institution in Texas," said Herbst.

But football is only part of Richards' future, the others, well those will keep him near the athletic fields as well. He's hoping to be an athletic trainer or as sports doctor.

"Gotta be a little bit of the inner drive that was learned somewhere growing up and he's an incredibly strong individual," said Herbst.