Long waits under VA's private health program

Congress on track to OK expanded private care at troubled VA

Local oncologist says minorities face tough battle against certain cancers

Nearly 600,000 pacifier holders recalled; could pose choking hazard

Study finds 1 in 7 teens sends sexts, 1 in 4 receives them

Local pediatrician talks effectiveness of nasal spray flu vaccine for kids

Study: driving drowsy quadruples chances of crashing

Major area school districts still feeling impact of flu outbreak

Local college’s wellness event canceled on account of flu

FDA changes label requirements for some children's medicines

CHIP remains in limbo despite stopgap spending bill

Study:Texans are slacking when it comes to getting HPV vaccines

US health officials brace for potentially bad flu season

Major changes coming next month to benefit Texas patients

Study: Extra sleep on weekends can slim waistlines

Study: Too much salt boosts teens’ heart attack, stroke risk

Diet drinks linked to stroke and dementia

Teenage runner nearly dies from flu; being fit helped save her life

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