“Felony Lane Gang” May Be Back, Texas Authorities Say

PLANO (July 3, 2014) A national theft ring appears to have returned to target affluent neighborhoods, police in in Collin County and areas of North Dallas say.

Authorities are seeing an increase in smash-and-grab thefts that target women who leave purses in cars while they run into daycare centers or are at gyms or parks, Plano police spokesman David Tilley said.

The thieves are particularly interested in checkbooks and driver’s licenses, police say, which is the signature of a ring that’s known as the “Felony Lane Gang” that originated in Florida.

Nearly 20 members of the gang were arrested during a police crackdown last year in North Dallas after more than 150 thefts.

Authorities say this time around the thieves hope to avoid attention by driving luxury rental cars.