Fiery Three-Vehicle Crash Leaves At Least One Dead

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BURNET COUNTY (March 27, 2014) A fiery three-vehicle crash Thursday morning on U.S. Highway 183 between Burnet and Lampasas left at least one person dead and the highway partially blocked.

Department of Public Safety Trooper Harpin Meyers said details from the scene so far are sketchy, but he did confirm at least one fatality.

Meyers said the accident, which was reported at about 7 a.m. very near the Lampasas and Burnet County line, involved an 18-wheeler and two other vehicles.

Austin region DPS Trooper Robbie Barrera said a trooper at the scene reported that the driver of a southbound 18-wheeler veered to miss a truck that was stopped in the highway.

The rig clipped the stopped vehicle as it passed.

A suburban that was following the 18-wheeler then crashed into the parked truck and caught fire.

Francisco Lopez-Rios, 37, died at the scene, Barrera said.

Conditions at the time were foggy, she said.

The accident was reported at about 7 a.m. four miles south of Lampasas just inside the Burnet County line.

There was no word on other injuries, Meyers said.

Traffic was diverted around the accident scene and was moving extremely slowly.